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It comes with a WP-9 gas cooled torch. Torch gets too darn hot. Do you control the water flow with a 2nd solenoid like the gas, or is the water always flowing, even after you’ve taken your foot off the pedal? Thanks in advance for any help. Fri, 04 Jan The water is always flowing. On a water cooled torch, besides the power lead connection and the gas connection there are two additional connections at the far end of the torch lead. Water in to the torch and water out returning from the torch. Ideally, if there is a “switched” outlet on the back panel of your power source, plug the water cooler in there. When you turn on the power source you also start the cooler pump to circulating coolant which continues to circulate as long as your power source is on.

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On a water cooled torch, besides the power lead connection and the gas connection there are two additional connections at the far end of the torch lead. Water in (to the torch) and water out(returning from the torch).

Buffer Educating yourself as to the proper procedures for both air- and water-cooled types of TIG torches can go a long way in preventing problems and ensuring quality welds. Just like any part of the TIG welding process, learning how to assemble and install your TIG torch properly may seem intimidating at first. The torches feature multiple interchangeable parts that must be properly assembled to achieve good welding performance.

Plus, both air- and water-cooled models have specific requirements for installation. Nonetheless, educating yourself as to the proper procedures for both types of TIG torches can go a long way in preventing problems and ensuring quality welds. Typically, air-cooled torch are larger and heavier than water-cooled torches. The cooling capacity required for a particular application, as well as the location where you are welding dictates which one you should use.

For example, if you have a low-amperage application, it is best to use an air-cooled TIG torch. These torches also work well outside because they do not require a separate water cooler and are easily portable. Water-cooled torches are recommended for applications requiring more than amps and are good for use in the shop.

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TIG Welding is a manual welding process that requires the welder to use two hands to weld. What separates TIG welding from most other welding processes is the way the arc is created and how the filler metal is added! When TIG Welding one hand is used for holding the TIG torch that produces the arc and the other hand is to add the filler metal to the weld joint.

By setting up your water cooled TIG torch and water cooler correctly you can improve the efficiency of your torch, which ultimately means you can keep on welding longer, and your torch will last longer too.

On a water cooled torch, besides the power lead connection and the gas connection there are two additional connections at the far end of the torch lead. Water in to the torch and water out returning from the torch. Ideally, if there is a “switched” outlet on the back panel of your power source, plug the water cooler in there. When you turn on the power source you also start the cooler pump to circulating coolant which continues to circulate as long as your power source is on.

Otherwise you have to turn on the power source and cooler pump separately and you don’t want to turn on the first and forget to turn on the second. If you go with the cooler be sure to invest in dedicated water cooler antifreeze. Besides freeze protection it also provides corrosion protection and if I’m not mistaken lubrication to the cooler pump parts. My understanding is that automotive antifreeze is not suitable for this purpose.

Water Cooled Tig Torch

Likes Received A power block is simply a piece of metal with lugs on it to electrically connect it to your negative post on the welder, and let you hook up a tig torch to it as well as your usual stinger or ground clamp. Costs maybe 15 bucks- big chunk of bronze, usually. The guys at the welding supply will know. Scratch start works fine, you just foul your tungsten more often than you would with a fancy high frequency starter.

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PLAZCRAFT Weldcraft Plasma Torch PHK ACK HOOK

By stever Date Hook it to the faucet and stick the return from the torch in the drain. As far as the pressure goes, the water can be regulated with the faucet valve. Doesn’t take much, just enough to cool the torch. If it starts to get warm open the valve a little more. I’m so cheap I built my own torch radiator.

WELDCRAFT MT AMP WATER-COOLED MICRO TIG WELDING TORCH MTL See more like this Weldcraft HK-1 Tig Torch Hook-Up Kit for Water Cooled Torches Brand New.

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Stainless steel Join securely — prevent corrosion Welding stainless steel is a special challenge. To create clean seams and permanently stable connections with minimal risk of corrosion it is important first of all to determine the stainless steel exactly. After this, the welding method and the welding process must be exactly aligned to this. Show Material Aluminum Long-lasting connections — outstanding visual appearance Aluminum is a lightweight and at the same time solid material that is used wherever stable components must not weigh very much.

The material is used in alloys in aerospace, as well as in the construction of railway vehicle, motor vehicles and ships. TIG, plasma, MIG or even laser welding methods are used, depending on the specification and the thickness of the workpiece.

TIG Torches. Top Load TIG Torches; Bottom Load TIG Torches; Consumables. Twin Wire Amp Water-Cooled Torch. Products. MIG Torches Robotic MIG Torches and also reduce consumable usage. Please note that D/F torches are push torches designed to hook up to Lincoln Electric, Miller Electric, ESAB, Fronius, and Tweco standard push wire.

Dinse connectors come in two sizes: Some power supplies use a Tweco type also called American style split pin connector that also twists and locks into place. While these fittings may look like parts you can buy at your local hardware store, they are unique to the welding industry and available through welding suppliers only. Even a small fab shop will want to be able to use different torches on the same welding machine.

Also, the connection is insulated with a rubber or plastic boot. TIG Torch to welding machine AdaptorsIf your welding machine has a threaded stud connector, you can buy a stud-to-Dinse female converter. The Tweco style connection can also be upgraded to utilize a Dinse style plug with an adapter that mounts onto the machine as well. Quick-release hose couplers for your TIG torch allow you to change torches without tools. These quick-release couplers thread onto the male fitting at the end of your gas and water hoses then mate to a corresponding female adapter mounted on your water cooler or gas connection.

They connect by twisting and locking into place. This article comes from arc-zone edit released Posted on.

water cooled tig torch

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First lets clear up some misapprehensions about exactly what an air cooled tig torch is. It is not cooled by forced air but rather it is named an “air cooled tig torch” only to distinguish it from a water cooled tig torch. The torch wire on a dry rig torch is also much bigger. A water cooled torch has a far littler power wire.

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What is up with the numbering system of tig torches? A small air cooled tig torch rated for amps is called a 9 style. The same size torch in a water cooled model is a 20 style torch and its usually good for amps. The most popular style torch is probably a

“Weldcraft has a new option to help meet the needs of demanding water-cooled TIG welding applications. The new WP water-cooled TIG torch has been designed with the company’s exclusive Super Cool Technology to provide consistent and dependable cooling performance.

I have a customer that wants his race car headers “helibrazed” on the outside of the flange the way Hooker Headers does it to their upper end race car headers. I already asked my 2 local welding shops with no answer available. Can you please help me find out if this product is available in Canada, and why is it so much better than straight tig welding with steel rod. I know you’ll know the answer Thanks for being there That could mean any rod that melts lower than the base metal.

Silicon bronze is also called sil-bro. Everdur is an old brand name for a version of silicon bronze. The technique is to use the tig torch to just almost melt the base metal but not quite. The arc is directed on the filler rod and it wets out and makes the weld like flowing butter. Some header companies might also be using nickel rod. It melts a bit lower than steel too. And flows like butter. Nickel rods are more expensive than silicon bronze.

tig torch kit click to see larger version of water cooled torch hook up kit city

I have a Syncrowave that I converted to water-coolng shortly after I got it. The above suggestions on torch size are good. Unfortunately, Miller welders are not “water-cooling friendly”. They sell them with air-cooled torches as you know. Those are fine for a few minutes but can get rather hot if you like high amperages.

I don’t ever use much more than amps but I got spoiled on water-cooling with my prior Idealarc, that I traded in on the Syncrowave to a dealer.

Weldtec Amp Water Cooled TIG Torch 12′ (WT ) SHIPPING ABOUT US STORE ITEM DESCRIPTION Brand New weldtec Wt, 12′, Amp, Water Cooled TIG Torch With 3 Piece Vinyl Power Cable Picture Of 25 Foot Torch–This Listing For 12 Foot Torch.

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Connecting an Air-Cooled TIG Torch

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