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May 23, at 4: I wasn’t playing for 8 months tiered mainly with rather low quality of players. Came back because of historical battles which are in bad shape btw and after just a few weeks I am again totally tiered with WoT. This is why from most frustrating to less 1. Quality of players is even worse then last summer. I am fed up with loosing battle after battle cause my team is full of people who have no idea what to do. I am fed up with being lowest level and watching how 3 top tiers die in 2 minutes without doing anything useful or they camp in base. I am tiered with being among three best players in most battles and losing all the time. It is not funny to make in tier V more damage then 3 KV-1s’s in your team together.


Ardez, on 06 December – I won’t pretend to have some great insight on the f2p business model and the profits of games like WoT and WoWS. If other projects are more profitable than TW:

Feb 15,  · E25 – posted in General Discussion: Hi guys, looking for a tier 7 premium as dont have any tier 7s currently and want to be able to platoon with friends at every tier. Discount on the Germans is tempting me on the E25, can any owners provide some insight on the tank? I know it has been removed from the store on PC due to its OP camo rating, does the version have the same benefits?

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The Preferential matchmaking tanks What is a preferential matchmaking tank? For instance, the Tier 8 Russian heavy, the IS-6, has an atrocious canon, but that is the trade to get pref. The new matchmaking system A while ago a new matchmaking system was introduced. It aimed to solve a bunch of problems, such as matchups with, for instance, 10 tier 9 and 5 tier 8.

Now it did fix that.

Mar 29,  · Just some small video about silly matchmaking. Watch for new content soon!

On 4 November at 9: So I’ve been doing a little thinking on this topic for a while now. The most glaring part I found, was the difference in premium vehicle positions between World of Tanks and World of Warships. One of the things I have noted is this: Such as the STA It is decidedly in the middle, but still one of the best Tier 8 Premium Mediums to buy.

Some tanks have broken this stigma though. Then there’s others that are pretty good, but are not better, they perform the same as their same tier counter-parts, if not slightly more better, but with no major difference in stats. In WoWS, we have had a hell of a lot of premiums, moreso than not, that are better than their same-tier counterparts simply because of gimmicks given to them. And the moment a premium ship is released, that the stats say she’ll either perform averagely In other words, no better than her same tier counterparts , or she’ll perform slightly worse than her same tier counterparts Example: They skew stats, and provide a clear advantage when using them.

In the case of the Defender or the Patriot.

[GUIDE] des chars premiums par Greguito:

Weight by Vehicle Type is generally applied as follows: Chi Nu Kai, Pz. Special Restrictions The number of the same vehicle on opposing teams cannot differ by more than 1, except when the vehicles are in a platoon. Previously, the number of SPGs in opposing teams could never differ by more than 1.

Tankers! The E 25 is a superb tank destroyer with unusual gameplay, preferential matchmaking, and the usual Premium vehicle benefits. The result was this deadly German TD gaining sizable popularity among the player base. But this popularity means that the total number of E 25s being used is steadily increasing, which leads to an increase of imbalanced battles among its tier scope.

So, this post is going to talk about Crew Experience and how to manage it to your benefit. Commander, Driver works separately from the rest of the skills. All numbers, except where noted, represent the amount of Crew XP that is lost when retraining for Credits not the Free rather than Gold. Retraining for Gold is always 0 XP lost. One of the few occasionally I’ll actually cite the wiki: Retraining for Silver is entirely doable especially within classes.

The losses are extremely small AND!!! Unlock the new tank, and retrain the crew to that new tank but keep them in the old tank to grind the stock off the crew. Requires a premium tank of that nation and a decent crew from somewhere else.

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Thanks to Anson Wu also for partial earlier translation and corrections. Communist Party of China request the Soviet Union provide nuclear weapons and nuclear submarines as promised at April and July The Soviet Union, in return, suggests building long-wave radio station in Chinese territory and organizing combined fleet with China in China’s territorial water. China believes that this suggestion violated China’s sovereignty, which leads to the breakoff of Sino – Soviet relationship.

In order to prevent the invasion of Soviet Union, China accelerate the process to develop heavy tanks which can effectively fight against Soviet Union’s T M and IS-3 tanks.

Graphical overview of weak points of E Orange – commander, gunner, loader Red – engine, fuel, transmission Green – vulnerable zones.

Ik heb het idee dat veel van bovenstaande comments komen die het spel in het verleden hebben gespeeld maar niet echt actief meer spelen. Zelf speel ik WOT al sinds De laatste tijd is War Gaming de uitgever van de spel meer bezig geweest met het verbeteren van de Match Making. Voorheen kon je samen spelen in een peloton van 2 of 3 tanks van verschillende tiers tier 1 is het laagst , tier 10 is het hoogst Je kon dus samen met een tier 1 en een tier 10 in een peloton.

Dat hebben ze afgeschaft, je kunt nu alleen met een gelijke tier in een peloton. Dus als je een tank tier 3 kiest, dan kun je maximaal in een tier 4 game uitkomen. Vanaf tier 4 gelden andere samenstellingen. Alles in dezelfde tier.


Reducing it to rpm would’ve been understandable. But cutting it to My second issue with this tank is that it keeps getting tossed into tier IX matches.

The development of the E 25 was a part of the “E” program supervised by the Waffenprüfamt 6. The E 25 was developed by the Argus company (Karlsruhe, Germany) under the supervision of Dr. Herman Klaue.

Return to top World of Tanks is een game waarbij je inlogged en na het selecteren van een tank vrij snel een battle in kunt stappen. Dit is ooit begonnen met enkel de Random battles maar daar zijn later de Assault en Encounter gamemodes nog aan toegevoegd. Met de introductie van 9. Daarnaast zijn er ook nog Tank Company en Clan War battles. Wargaming is nog van plan nieuwe gamemodes te introduceren zoals Garage battles. Beschikbare gamemodes Random In this game mode there are two bases.

You must either eliminate the opposing team or capture their base within 15 minutes to be victorious. Assault In this game mode the one base on the map belongs to the defending team. The attacking team has no base at all and its mission is to either capture the enemy team’s base or to destroy their tanks.

Statistiken, Tipps etc. rund um WoT

I discuss the importance of flexing to prevent a flank from collapsing and the arguments against capping too early instead of pressing an advantage. Holding the high ground provides the following benefits: T Review, Contributing When Bottom Tier I discuss how to meaningfully contribute as a bottom-tier medium tank, with footage from a tier 10 Serene Coast battle in my T That said, even with a low penetration gun, by carefully watching the minimap and being opportunistic, I was able to make a solid contribution.

Additional Comments props to the STB-1 driver ahmechanic2 who played very well throughout the battle at 4:

96 rows · Matchmaking. The composition of tanks in each team is a task of matchmaker. It works in following manner. It takes one tank from the queue and looks at his tier.

D bodomTerror , Il problema di wot rimane la lag e l’ottimizzazione, per questo la gente sta abbandonando. Magari fossero quelli i problemi. Se volete mangiarvi il fegato giocateci ; momo-racing , E’ comunque una beta di un progetto vastissimo in pieno sviluppo. In questo caso hai fatto la cosa migliore. Io ho abbandonato War Thunder in quanto mi portava via troppo tempo per World of Tanks: A me i server non laggano, ho Infostrada settata in fast e pingo tra i 30 e i 40 e mi trovo a ben 6 km dalla centrale.

E : le diablotin allemand

American As you can see, in addition to vehicles that fought, there are quite a few of prototypes, paper projects, and immediate postwar vehicles. Below the main trees are “special tanks” – on the left are premium tanks bought with real money, on the right are ones that you’ll get either with the game box, or at special events. Combat is fairly straightforward – two teams of fifteen tanks each start on opposite sides of a map, about a kilometer square.

Each team starts near a flag; around a flag there is a meter circle. If an enemy tank drives within that circle, they start accumulating capture points – if your flag is captured, you lose; unless you capture the enemy flag within 10 seconds of your own flag being captured, in which case the round is a draw.

The E 25 is a German tier 7 premium tank destroyer. The development of the E 25 was part of the “E” program, supervised by the Waffenprüfamt 6 committee. The E 25 was developed by the Argus company (Karlsruhe, Germany) under the supervision of Dr. Herman Klaue.

Honestly IMO, after playing this, it isn’t as shit as I thought it would be. You have to remember that, premium tanks are NOT supposed to be as good as the normal tanks of the same tier. However, they have an advantage that usually does not compensate for the main faults of premium tanks. So, it isn’t normal for Panther M10 to sacrifice the penetration of the Panther to get extra 2 degrees of gun depression I can’t stress how good it is!!!

IMO the penetration of the PM10 right now is workable, I know it is mediocre but unless you are shooting at upper plates of tier 8 heavies, when the going gets tough, the tough gets going with a nice APCR shell that should compensate. I still like some kind of love from WG to this PM10, track traverse buffs or gun accuracy buffs would be sweet! I don’t want a new gun, just small buffs should cut it. Hopefully WG takes this into consideration for the buffs: Improve track traverse from 42 to 45 OR Reduce aiming time from 2.

When you want to succeed as much as you want to live to breathe, then only you will succeed.

E25 Sneaky Sniper (World of Tanks Xbox)

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